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To read about Liam and his story please visit his page.

This Raffle is now closed.
Thank you everyone for your donations, love and support. We were able to raise $335!

Please read all the information carefully (posted under the entry form) prior to entering. No refunds on the donations. Thank you!

Kanaluti is excited to bring you a VERY special raffle. www.linkedwithliam.org is an outstanding organization founded and run by Liam's parents. They provide "Warrior Packs" to support children going through cancer treatment. We are humbled to have a chance to fundraise for them.

Kanaluti will create two carriers out of special fabric (see picture), chosen by Liam's father, to honor all children battling cancer.

Our winners have been notified.

Two winners will be able to pick between full carrier or an Elements carrier (yellow/white mesh is provided) and their carrier's body size.

All other features come standard and include:

Seat darts on the body of the carrier for more comfortable ride

Knee Pillows to cushion those tender knees

Single waist padding Nu-Foam

24" waist band plus about 25" webbing on each side

Single padded shoulder straps

17"x3" shoulder straps

Kanaluti Moon (curved) Shoulder Straps with 1″ slider/adjuster (non-removable strap/chest clip)

KCS (Kanaluti Comfort Shoulder) adjusters

Toy Loops on the shoulder straps

Unpadded neck line

Webbing for shoulders and waist Buckles and ladderlocks

Webbing chest strap

X-Box Shoulder connection for added security

Flat Flared is included

FREE shipping within Continental US

Please NO requests for additional features/measurements.

Every dollar donated will get you an entry to the raffle. ALL of the proceeds go directly to Linked With Liam Foundation.

This Raffle ends Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 9PM Central Standard time. We will draw our winners shortly after the Raffle closes.

We thank you for your donations, entries, support and love!
p.s. If you wish to donate, but don't need a carrier, just purchase a ticket and note "no carrier" in the "Type of Carrier" field.