American-made high quality baby carriers.
Hands free and always close to heart!

Kanaluti Custom Baby Carriers

Sometimes a child completely changes the direction of a mother’s life—which is what happened to Catherine when she jumped from being a classically trained musician to a mother running her own baby carrier business after her son Nathan was born.
Catherine really wanted to “carry” her baby and tried a lot of different carriers. However, none really worked for her or if they did, they would be uncomfortable for Nathan. She really wanted this type of carrier though, because in tight spaces and stores, the traditional stroller just doesn’t work, not to mention all other benefits a baby gets from being carried.

Determined, she started making her own little prototypes and testing them with Nathan. A friend saw it and asked her to make one for them, and then another friend saw it…and before she knew it, she had a baby carrier business. Since her son’s arrival 6 years ago, Catherine has made over 1000 baby carriers with her 2 design patents.

All the carriers are made by hand in the USA , and the carriers have been certified by the government for passing the required tests for safety. They are ergonomically correct and uniquely designed with a variety of colors.
Catherine would like all parents to be able to experience a Kanaluti carrier because parents who tried a competitor’s carrier and then tried a Kanaluti carrier have switched brands due to the “instant comfort” the parent and baby feel for such am ultimate bonding experience!

Kanaluti’s carriers feature a fantastic combination of unique elements:

  • Polar fleece filled quilted waist creates a strong hold, molds to the wearer and allows for airflow
  • US military high-grade buckles keep the baby safe and snug with a secure connection
  • Curved shoulder straps that match the curve of the parent’s body
  • Kanaluti Comfort Strap allows to customize the length of the shoulders (Patent Pending)
  • Industrial strength polyester thread
  • Weight distribution that stays mostly on the parent’s hips to keep the back free from strain
  • Ergonomic support for the baby
  • Creates an “M” shape as opposed to other straight leg carriers
  • Safe and CPSC compliant